“Marta Blue is Marta Blue exactly as a photograph is a photograph when it reflects what you want to see in that exact moment. I love to create images that are chromatically strong, defined and at the same time incomprehensible, there is always a story inside every image. There are people who ask me “What happened to the deer on the road?” Or “What did your friends do after that kiss?” Or “This guy is immersed in milk?”, “Why there is blood on snow?”,”This is honey?”. People are curious to know what is actually happening, when most of the time the obvious thing happens, but nobody knows, and each person creates his own story based on his emotional needs. So right now, the fantastic projection of me is definitely the most appropriate definition of who I am.” June 2018 Oneg Magazine

“My personal choice among this year’s emerging artists is Marta Blue. Her work appealed to me because it holds one of the most important features of great photography: it makes me ask many questions. The clarity with which the series is imbued makes every photo a small film script, where I can immediately start to imagine the complete storyline.” Roy Kahmann, Lensculture juror. Founder and Owner Kahmann Gallery And GUP Magazine


2018 Lensculture Emerging Talent Awards 2018
2018 Lensculture Jurors’ Picks Award 2018, Selected by Roy Kahmann


2018/2019 Brownie Campaign Gallery Solo Exhibition, Shanghai
2018 Lensculture Exhibition at Klompching Gallery, Brooklyn, NewYork
2018 Brownie Photo Art Department Permanent Exhibition, Shanghai
2017 Print Swap Exhibition at Root Studios, NewYork


2018 iGNANT publication
2018 Oneg Magazine Interview
2018 TheVisualVoices Interview
2017 L’Officiel Italia Interview

Appeared in Huffington Post, FubizL’Espresso, MarieClaire / Mentioned MarieClaire, Fubiz, Featured Shoot, Somewhere Magazine, Milk, The TAX Collection, Structured Mag, Collater.al, The Pupil Sphere, HurtLamb 

Selected on PhotoVogue
Selected on LensCulture Gallery Emerging Talent Awards 2018


“Telepathy” serie at BrowniePhotoArt.
Most photos are shot with film and minimally edited. All pics are signed and dated. For custom orders email me


My name is Marta Blue and I currently work in Milan as creative director and photographer. If you’re interested in talking to me about a new project or want to find out more about my works, feel free to send me an email at info@martablue.com